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info at sotsiaalkindlustusamet dot ee

 Information line 
+372 612 1360
16106 (in Estonia)

working days 9. 00–17.00

every last Friday of the month


Endla 8, 15092
Tallinn Estonia

Fax: +372 640 8155

Registry code: 70001975 


About us


The Social Insurance Board (hereinafter the „Board“) is a government authority established on 1 February 1993 and operating within the government area of the Ministry of Social Affairs.
The Board performs statutory functions in its sphere of activity and represents the state in doing so.

Our mission: 

To give a feeling of security to individuals in every stage of their lives through the provision of government services and payment of social insurance benefits.

The Board’s role in the society is to:

- provide individuals with statutory pensions, allowances and benefits;
- establish and pay maintenance allowance, and collect maintenance support claims transferred to the state;
- partially write off the unpaid part of study loans guaranteed by the state;
- establish the degree of disability and the additional expenses arising from the disability;
- establish permanent incapacity for work;
- ensure and finance the provisions of rehabilitation and special care services;
- provide victim support and conciliation services.

Our vision:

To be there for and near our customers.

To be a reliable partner and provide high-quality services using modern technological solutions.

To value our competent and devoted staff.

Our values:

We care about people

Our philosophy and actions are guided by the needs and rights of our customers. We respect our customers, partners, colleagues, and ourselves.

We are competent

We do our work professionally, know our role and importance in achieving the goals, and keep in mind that our decisions have a significant impact. We rely on relevant legislation and data. We make use of the best knowledge available and share experience. We foster the self-fulfilment and development of employees.

We cooperate

We value cooperation and involvement. We listen to, trust and support each other. We are guided by common goals and work as a single team. We adhere to agreements. We join our forces to achieve more.

We are effective

We perform our duties efficiently and effectively. We turn complicated into clear and comprehensible. We employ modern technological solutions. We analyse our decisions and have the courage to admit our mistakes and learn from them.

The Board is composed of 13 units  and 17 customer service points around Estonia.

On our web site, we post important information and materials about or activities, sub-units and social insurance news. The objective is to make sure that individuals anywhere in Estonia would be able to know exactly which customer service point and which employee of the Board he should address with his concerns and what are the legal basis granting him the entitlement to the state benefits in question. Our web site provides an overview of the payable pensions and benefits along with the corresponding regulations as well as the important legal provisions concerning family benefits and pensions.



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