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Social Insurance in the EU

info at sotsiaalkindlustusamet dot ee

 Information line 
+372 612 1360
16106 (in Estonia)

working days 9. 00–17.00

every last Friday of the month


Endla 8, 15092
Tallinn Estonia

Fax: +372 640 8155

Registry code: 70001975 


Certificate A1 will be issued in two business days following an electronic request filed with the Social Insurance Board


Certificate A1 ensures that employees seconded to EU Member States enjoy insurance coverage under the Estonian social security system. During the certificate's validity period, the employers must pay for their employees the social tax, contributions to mandatory funded pension, and the unemployment insurance premiums to the Estonian authorities.

According to Evelyn Hallika, the Head of International Benefits Unit, the Social Insurance Board has issued 10,872 certificates A1 in the first eight months of 2016. 85% of the requests for certificates were filed in electronic form. In the past, it took up to 30 days to issue certificate A1.

Employers, employees and officials can file electronic requests through the state portal If the request is filed with the Social Insurance Board in electronic form, the certificate A1 will be issued on the following business day.
Instructions for requesting certificate A1 are available at According to Evelyn Hallika, it is essential that requests are correctly filled in. The current practice indicates that up to 35% of the filed requests feature shortcomings.
In the long run, the Social Insurance Board intends to introduce automated processing of requests to ensure that the certificate will be issued immediately after filing the request.


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