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Employees and retired persons
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Pension for incapacity for work
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Employees and retired persons


In the case of old age, incapacity for work or loss of a provider the state shall pay monthly financial social insurance benefit – state pension. This benefit, based on the principle of solidarity, is paid to the permanent residents of Estonia and aliens residing in Estonia on the basis of temporary residence permits or temporary right of residence.

Persons insured by state pension are persons who persons who pursuant to the Social Tax Act pay the pension insurance part of social tax or for whom the pension insurance part of social tax must be paid.
Likewise, state pension covers persons who for whom the right to receive a state pension arises on other bases pursuant to the State Pension Insurance Act.

In many professions, pension or pension supplement is paid pursuant to specific law.

Types of state pension:
- Old-age pension
        • Early-retirement pension
        • Deferred old-age pension
        • Old-age pension under favourable conditions
- Pension for incapacity for work
- Survivor’s pension
- National pension

Pensions pursuant to other legislation:
- Old-age pension under favourable conditions (pursuant to specific law)
- Superannuated pension
- Special pensions and benefits
- Mandatory funded pension

Other information related to pensions and benefits:
- Pension supplements
- Payment of social tax by the state for persons who receive pension for incapacity for work
- Deadlines for the bank transfers
- National Pension Insurance Register
- Examination for establishing permanent incapacity for work
- Determination of the degree of severity of disability and additional expenses



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