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Study loan obliteration


Since 01.07.2009 no new application on study loan obliteration are accepted.

For persons who have a positive decision about study loan obliteration legal circumstances will not change and their study loan obliteration will be continued in the stated extend.

For persons whose studies are finished after 01.07.2009 or whose child was born after 01.07.2009 no partial study loan obliteration right is expanded.




State funeral benefit


State funeral benefit (hereinafter funeral benefit) is a lump-sum benefit prescribed to cover the expenses of a funeral in the territory of Estonia which is paid upon the death registered in Estonia or outside of Estonia of a permanent resident of Estonia, an alien residing in Estonia on the basis of a temporary residence permit or a temporary right of residence, a person specified in § 130 of the Aliens Act or of a person specified in subsection 30 (3) of the Citizen of European Union Act.

Bodies entitled for state funeral benefit are:
1) organizer of funeral who is a natural person, if the family of the organiser was granted subsistence benefit at least once during the month of application for funeral benefit or during the twelve months prior to application and who is:
• a permanent resident of Estonia
• a person residing in Estonia on the basis of a temporary residence permit or temporary right of residence
• an alien who has applied for the extension of the residence permit or for a long-term resident’s residence permit during the period of validity of his or her residence permit
• a family member of a citizen of the European Union who has applied for a temporary extension of the residence permit
2) a rural municipality or city government
Funeral expenses are expenses incurred for the transport, cremation or burial of the deceased and a funeral service.

The sum of funeral benefit is 250 Euros.
Funeral benefit shall be granted if an application for the funeral benefit is submitted within six months as of the date of death.

In order to apply for the funeral benefit, the organiser of a funeral shall submit an application to the Social Insurance Board to which the following shall be appended:
• an identity document;
• a certificate of death registered in an Estonian vital statistics institution or a document certifying the death of the person issued by a relevant authority of a foreign state if the death is registered outside Estonia;
• a document from the police authority or another competent agency certifying the time of becoming aware of the death of the person if the organiser of a funeral becomes aware, more than fifteen days after the date of death, of the death of a person who is not buried or cremated.

If a rural municipality or city government is the organiser of a funeral, the rural municipality or city government shall submit an authorisation document of the representative of the rural municipality or city government and a documents certifying funeral expenses in addition to the abovementioned documents.
The application for applying for the funeral benefit can be found on the homepage of the Social Insurance Board

No funeral benefits will be assigned to a organiser of a funeral who is a natural person, if a person has died before January 1st, 2015.


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