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+372 612 1360
16106 (in Estonia)

working days 9. 00–17.00

every last Friday of the month


Endla 8, 15092
Tallinn Estonia

Fax: +372 640 8155

Registry code: 70001975 


Non-resident pension recipient


Life Certificate

On 1 May 2013, a provision was added to the Estonian State Pension Insurance Act which requires that a receipt of the pension who is a non-resident in Estonia submits a life certificate to the Social Insurance Board not later than by 1 March each year.
If Estonian pension receiver is living outside Estonia, we ask to submit the Life Certificate certified by the authority of the state of residence to the Social Insurance Board not later than by 1 March each year. The authority may be social system authorities, the Pension Board or local government institutions or notary public of your state of residence. Life certificate may be replaced by a certificate concerning residence issued by the tax board of your state of residence.

Please send the certificate to the following address:


Lembitu 12

15092 Tallinn


Life Certificate is valid for one year and Estonian Social Insurance Board need renewed Life Certificate each year. In case of a failure to submit a certificate within the prescribed term, payment of pension shall be suspended as of 1 April. If a certificate is submitted later, payment of pension shall continue retroactively as of suspension of the payment of pension.

A life certificate form

Please note that the specified procedure shall remain in force and we expect you to submit a Life Certificate not later than by 1 March each year.



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