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Human trafficking prevention and victims assistance counseling line

Human trafficking prevention and victims assistance counseling line +372 660 7320

Goal of human trafficking prevention and victim help counseling line is to inform people about opportunities, conditions, rules and risks of work, study and marriage abroad and assist labor-, sexual exploitation and human trafficking victims.

You can make a call on Monday to Friday from 8.30-17.00 in Estonian, Russian or English language or write Your call or letter can stay anonymous and our counseling is confidential.  

  • We are waiting calls to number +372 660 7320 in following topics:

  • advice for people going abroad to work or study
  • free legal consultations on working agreements;
  • consequences of illegal employment
  • rules of entrance for Estonian citizens, persons without citizenship and foreigners living in Estonia
  • how to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking
  • contacts of governmental institutions and non-governmental (NGO) organizations who fights against exploitations and human trafficking fight in Estonia and abroad
  • available services for victims of exploitation and human trafficking in Estonia

...if you are forced to do work you not agree with, your salary is not paid, you are flattered into prostitution, proposed to enter into a sham marriage, agreements with you are violated, you are threatened ... you are confused and don´t know what to do...

Please, make this call to human trafficking prevention and victim assistance counseling line +372 660 7320 or send e-mail:



Please remember:

  • human trafficking is crime and it´s organized

  • human trafficking is a process, doesn't happen in a moment

  • there is no excuses for human trafficking

  • victim can´t be guilty being trafficked

  • exploiter can look really nice (oral manipulation, intimidation, threats etc) it doesn't reduce the seriousness of the situation


    You can use the following check list of indicators of deceptions, abuse, exploitation, coercion, to notice any violation what is going on towards you or your familiar person:

    Indicators of deceptive recruitment

    • Deceived about the nature of the job, location or employer
    • Deceived about conditions of work
    • Deceived about content or legality of work contract
    • Deceived about travel and recruitment conditions
    • Deceived about wages/earnings


      Indicators of exploitation

      • Excessive working days or hours
      • Low or no salary
      • No respect of labour laws or contract signed
      • No social protection (contract, social insurance, etc.)
      • Wage manipulation

          Indicators of recruitment by abuse of vulnerability

          • Abuse of illegal status
          • Abuse of lack of information


          Indicators of coercion at destination

          • Debt bondage
          • Threat of denunciation to authorities
          • Threat to impose even worse working conditions
          • Under strong influence
          • Withholding of wages


          Indicators of abuse of vulnerability at destination

          • Dependency on exploiters
          • Relationship with authorities/legal status

          TIP Reports - Estonia's country narrative

          The TIP Report is worldwide report on the efforts of governments to combat severe forms of trafficking in persons and is yearly published by the Department of State. Read more

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