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Social security forms issued in Estonia will be effective in the European Union without being signed or sealed from now on

Tõendi A1 saad nüüd ise välja printida
Tõendi A1 saad nüüd ise välja printida

As of 18 March 2019, Forms A1 issued in Estonia to people who take up employment within the European Economic Area and Switzerland are effective without being signed or sealed. Consequently, the Social Insurance Board will no longer mail any paper forms to people.

If a person residing in Estonia is posted to another Member State of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland or the person works in several Member States on a permanent basis, the person is required to have been issued Form A1. The Form certifies that social tax is paid for the employee in the country which has issued the Form. Social security contributions must be paid in only one country at a time when moving around within the EU. Form A1 allows an employee to prove to their other country or countries of employment that no social security contributions are required to be made there. All employers pay social security contributions to the country of issuance of Form A1.

“Forms issued by us used to be effective only if signed and sealed, but now the European Union has agreed that this is no longer required for electronic forms,” said Social Insurance Board’s Counsellor Merle Trufanova. “To this end we will no longer mail any paper forms to applicants.” Forms are available in the state portal where you can easily save and print them.

Form A1 can be applied for by the person who takes up employment abroad as well as the latter’s employer. There are different services for employees and employers for applying for the Form.

Services intended for employers can be found through the link “Applying for Form A1 (E101) as an economic operator”.
Services intended for employees can be found through the link “Applying for Form A1 (E101) for yourself”.
If the Form must be applied for a person working in an administrative agency, the necessary services can be found through the link “Applying for Form A1 (E101) as a civil servant“.

“If for some reason the services via cannot be used or the Form cannot be printed out, we will issue the Form on paper, where necessary,” assures Trufanova. In that case please write to the e-mail address or go to the nearest customer service office.

More information about applying for Form A1 is available on the website of the Social Insurance Board.