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with regard to the emergency situation, is it also possible to temporarily verify the fact that you are alive via Skype

If you haven’t submitted your life certificate yet, you can prove that you are alive also via Skype

In April, the Estonian Social Insurance Board will stop paying pensions to approximately 1,100 Estonian pensioners residing abroad who have not submitted their life certificate during the prescribed term. Anyone who receives a pension from Estonia but does not live in Estonia must annually...
We started using an electronic cross-border data exchange system

Exchange of cross-border social security information becomes electronic

The Social Insurance Board has started using an electronic cross-border data exchange system for social security institutions called EESSI (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information). The information system helps social security institutions across the European Economic Area and in...
Tõendi A1 saad nüüd ise välja printida

Social security forms issued in Estonia will be effective in the European Union without being signed or sealed from now on

As of 18 March 2019, Forms A1 issued in Estonia to people who take up employment within the European Economic Area and Switzerland are effective without being signed or sealed. Consequently, the Social Insurance Board will no longer mail any paper forms to people. If a person residing in...

Changes to the social rehabilitation system from September 2017

From this September, changes to the social rehabilitation system will take effect, reallocating a higher percentage of finances from the housing and transportation budget line into the one of service provision. Respective to said changes, the kilometre rate for compensation for travel expenses...
Foto Pexels. Pildil on raamaturiiulid.

Family allowances and survivor's pension will be paid in multiple instalments in September

In September, the Social Insurance Board will pay child allowance to children still attending school and over the age of 16 and survivor's pension to students over the age of 18 in multiple instalments. In the payment of family allowance and survivor's pension, the Social Insurance Board shall rely...
Poiss ja mängukaru sillal

Decision times for children applying for disability for the first time will become shorter

From July 1st, the decision times for children applying for disability for the first time will become shorter. A decision about the establishment of disability shall be made by the Social Insurance Board on the grounds of sufficient health data within 15 workdays. Until now, the process of applying...
Ema ja laps

Since July 2017, the State started to pay family allowance for families with many children

For example, since the 1st of July, a family with 3 children will receive 500 Euros per month for two benefits combined and a family with 7 children, respectively 1000 Euros per month. According to the advisor of the Benefits Unit of the Social Insurance Board, Merlin Loorits, a new application...