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Compensation of damage for crime victims

Victims of crimes are paid state benefits if the crime resulted in an severe bodily injury or a health problem that persisted for at least four months, or if the victim was killed as a consequence of the crime.

Compensation shall be paid to victims of crimes of violence committed in the territory of the Republic of Estonia and to their dependants. Likewise, the person who bears the expenses relating to the medical treatment or funeral of a victim has the right to be compensated for the expenses pursuant to the Victim Support Act.

The following persons are entitled to compensation:

  • Estonian citizens;
  • persons residing in Estonia on the basis of a residence permit of a long-term resident, a temporary residence permit or the right of residence;
  • citizens of the European Union;
  • citizens of a state which is a party to the European Convention on Compensation of Victims of Violent Crimes;
  • persons enjoying international protection staying in Estonia.

Under the Victim’s Assistance Act, 80% of the material damage is indemnified, but no more than 9590 euros total for one victim and all of his or her dependents. The prerequisite for applying for the benefits is that a criminal case must be opened by the benefit, one must contact a regional client service of the Social Insurance Board and shall submit the following:

  • fundamental documents:
    •   identity document
    •   document bearing a notation of a valid temporary or permanent residence permit if the applicant for compensation is an alien living in Estonia
    •   authorisation document and/or court judgment on granting guardianship if the application for compensation is signed by a representative of the applicant
    •   child’s birth certificate if application for compensation of a minor is signed by a parent or guardian
    •   document confirming the suspension of employment relationship if the victim’s employment relationship had been suspended prior to the commission of the crime of violence
    •   court judgment or certificate of a preliminary investigation authority on the circumstances related to the crime.
  • additional documents based on the nature of material damage:
    •   In case of temporary incapacity for work, certificate from the doctor issuing the certificate for sick leave
    •   In case of permanent incapacity for work, a document confirming said incapacity (decision of the medical assessment committee);
    •   In case of expenses relating to the medical treatment, documents confirming the victim’s medical expenses and the amount of said expenses (e.g. invoices for visit fees, treatment procedures, medicines)
    •   In case of the victim’s death, death certificate and invoices confirming funeral expenses
    •   To calculate the damage caused to spectacles, dentures, contact lenses and other appliances substituting for bodily functions and to clothes, a list of said appliances and documentation confirming their acquisition or repair.

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