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Child Helpline 116111


The Child Helpline 116111 is a 24/7 toll-free service for reporting a child in need of assistance or asking for advice in child-related matters.

Child Helpline contacts:

The Child Helpline 116111 works across Estonia round the clock and calling 116111 is free of charge. This number is intended for all matters concerning children and for reporting a child in need of assistance. Both children and adults (parents, relatives, specialists, neighbours, friends, acquaintances and other attentive people) are welcome to call this number. First, the consultants identify the reason for the call and give advice and instructions on how to proceed. If necessary, the information is passed on to other specialists, such as a child protection official or even the police, to help the child in need of assistance or in danger as quickly as possible and in the best and most protective way for the child. The person calling the Child Helpline may remain anonymous if it doesn't endanger the child’s life or health. Counselling is provided in Estonian, Russian and English.


Calling the Child Helpline 116111 is free of charge and a call can be made on a mobile phone even if you have run out of credit.  If you don’t want to call, you can ask for advice by sending an e-mail or starting an on-line chat on the website under “Ask for help” or “Start chat”. Various suggestions, guides and articles on issues concerning children are available on the Child Helpline’s website and on its Facebook page.

Here are some topics that you can ask advice on:

  • Conflicts between children and youngsters, problems at school or home or in extracurricular classes;
  • Bullying at home or school or in extracurricular classes/sports practice or on the Internet;
  • Conflicts between children and their parents;
  • Child’s self-destructive behaviour, such as hurting or planning to hurt himself or herself;
  • Questions about children using the Internet;
  • Questions about raising a child;
  • Questions about the right of custody of a child;
  • Neglected child;
  • Child in need of assistance or in danger;
  • Physically, emotionally or sexually abused child;
  • Various other topics related to children that may require consultation.

As of 01.01.2018 the Social Insurance Board’s round-the-clock helpline for specialists is linked to the Child Helpline 116111 service. If specialists need child protection support to help a child who needs assistance or is in danger but the local authority’s child protection specialist cannot be reached, the specialist can call the Child Helpline 116111.


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