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Family allowances

In Estonia, a universal family support scheme is in use - every child is valuable and has the right to state support.
The right to receive family allowances comes with both the birth of a child and coming into the family in another way - for example, child care, adoption or guardianship of a child.

Childbirth allowance

Childbirth allowance is a one-time allowance in the amount of 320 euros paid when you have registered the birth of your child.

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Child allowance

Child allowance is paid to children until they turn 19 years of age 80 euros per child per month.

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Allowance for multiple birth of three or more children

If triplets or more multiple children are born in the family at the same time, the state will pay a supplement to their family. The amount of support is 1,000 euros per family per month, and we pay it until the children reach the age of 18 months.

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Allowance for a family with many children

Allowance for a family with many children is paid in addition to child benefits to a family with at least three children

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Single parent's child allowance

You are entitled to the single parent child allowance should your child’s birth certificate or the population register lack data about the child’s father, or if your child’s other parent has officially been declared a fugitive. The single parent child allowance is 80 euros per month.

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Conscript’s child allowance

You are entitled to the conscript’s child allowance if you yourself, or the child’s other parent, is serving in the Estonian Defence Forces, or in alternative non-combatant service. The allowance is 900 euros per month for each child,

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Adoption allowance

When you adopt a child, you are entitled to a one-time adoption allowance in the amount of 320 euros per each adopted child.

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Guardianship allowance

If you raise a child whose parents do not fulfil their obligation to raise a child and whom the court has appointed under your guardianship you are entitled to the guardianship allowance 240 euros per month

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Last updated: 21.09.2023