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Psychosocial crisis support

Psychosocial crisis support means the provision of humane, supportive, and practical help in case of an extensive and unexpected crisis.

Such a crisis can be caused, for example, by war, terrorist attack, nuclear and toxic waste accident, flood, school shooting, car or work accident, suicide attempt and suicide, domestic violence, and crimes, including assault, robbery, murder, rape, sexual abuse and abuse of children. These events can affect individual people and families but also different collectives and entire communities. Such events affect more than one person, who may need a variety of help and support after the crisis. Psychosocial crisis help available at the right time helps to prevent and alleviate various mental health problems.

For whom?

A crisis event creates different reactions and feelings in the people involved, which can be difficult to deal with alone. If you have experienced a crisis situation, psychosocial crisis support offers you and your loved ones humane, supportive, and practical help to cope with the impact of the incident on your daily activities. Psychosocial crisis support is intended for people directly and indirectly affected by a crisis situation. Help is free and available 24/7.

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How do I get it?

Psychological crisis support is offered to you and other affected people by a crisis worker on site after a crisis event.

The crisis worker provides psychological first aid, i.e.:

  • assists in meeting basic needs (water, food, hygiene, and shelter)
  • offers support in restoring a sense of emotional and physical security
  • shares practical recommendations for coping with the situation
  • provides information when receiving necessary services and information
  • cooperates with other institutions and their employees in solving the event

 Psychosocial crisis support is offered by

Sometimes it can happen that a person needs longer-term support after a crisis event. Depending on the crisis situation, this can be offered either by the victim assistance department of the Social Insurance Board, local governments, or the health care system. Support groups or restorative discussion circles of people with similar backgrounds or experiences can also be great support. 

Last updated: 29.03.2023

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