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To whom?

We pay the allowance for a disabled child to the child's parent or guardian if the child (age group 0-15 years) has been diagnosed with a severe degree of disability.

The rates of social benefits are:

  • 138.08 euros per month for a child with a moderate disability
  • 161.09 euros per month for a child with a severe disability
  • 241.64 euros per month for a child with a profound disability

How do I get it?

When applying for social support for the first time, an application must be submitted to the Social Insurance Board.

You can find the application form here.

There are several ways to apply:

In case of repeated determination of disability, it is not necessary to submit a new application for social benefit but to fill in the fields concerning the determination of social benefit in the request for an expert examination.

Last updated: 18.05.2023

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