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Retirement age

To receive an old-age pension, a person must have reached retirement age and whose pension qualifying period earned in Estonia is at least 15 years.

Starting from January 1st, 2017, the pensionable age will gradually increase, reaching 65 years of age by 2026. The old-age pension age increases in correlation with the year of birth.

Year of Birth  Pensionable Age
1958 64 y 3 months
1959 64 y 6 months
1960 64 y 9 months
1961 65 y

From 2027, the retirement age depends on the average life expectancy. The basis for calculating the old-age pension age is the life expectancy of people aged 65, according to the data of the Statistical Office. Based on these data, the government approves a new old-age pension age by January 1 of each year, which will come into effect in two years. As life expectancy increases, the retirement age also increases, but it is not increased by more than three months at a time.

For example, the old-age pension age of 2027 will be established by the government by January 1, 2025. Since the retirement age in 2026 is 65 years and the retirement age is not increased by more than three months at a time, the retirement age in 2027 will be a maximum of 65 years and three months.

Last updated: 06.11.2023

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