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Emotional support and pastoral care helpline 116 123

The emotional support and pastoral care helpline is open every day from 14–24 and is free to call. Support is available in Estonian, Russian and English.

Call if your soul needs nurturing and you want help with the following problems:

  • fear of death
  • mourning
  • anxiety
  • suicidal thoughts
  • existential questions
  • search for meaning in life
  • angst and a lack of perspective on life
  • loneliness and exclusion
  • relationship problems
  • lack of communication
  • feelings of shame and guilt
  • spiritual and religious issues

A pastoral care worker is a theologically trained counsellor, with the obligation of discretion and confidentiality, who is trained to help people who are sick, in crisis, or dying. A counsellor can be consulted if you are concerned about your own illness or that of a loved one, you need emotional support, you are experiencing existential or spiritual issues, or in case of mourning or supporting the dying and their loved ones.

Pastoral care is based on a holistic view of the human being, where the human being is seen as a physical, social, mental and spiritual or existential being. If some level of this humanity is disturbed, the balance within a person is upset. Pastoral care aims to support the achievement of balance so that a person can experience as holistic a life as possible.

All calls are recorded.

Emotional support and pastoral care helpline
116 123