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Parental allowance of the adoptive parent

Parental allowance of the adoptive parent shall be granted to all adoptive parents and foster families in the new family of the child and, in addition, the raising of children in need of substitute care shall be encouraged in the families instead of the institutions.
  • Can be used by persons raising an adopted child
  • A request must be submitted, which can be done through self-service communication
  • Up to 70 days in total
  • Adoptive parents can use the allowance simultaneously together up to 35 days
  • Can be used within six months after the contract or court ruling enters into force
  • The amount depends on the amount of social tax paid in the reference period
  • It is allowed to work
  • The minimum amount is 725 euros per month gross (in force since 01.01.2024)
  • Maximum amount 4733.53 euros per month gross (157.78 euros per day, in force since 01.01.2024)
  • Taxable with income tax
  • Payout on the 8th for the previous month

Last updated: 12.03.2024

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